Auteur: Reiziger / 17 Januari 2013

Newtown II


An American boy, alienated from his surroundings
His mind troubled and filled with images of destruction
A young men, in his not recognized crises
Writing black history with the blood of innocent children

In a society where dead goes over the counter as a basic right
for those who want to have it available, for self defense
Where the importance of economics has such a height priority,
that security of the individual is suffocating

Where the constitution provides an excuse to expose citizens to danger
Where some will never be able to live their American dream,
but are forced to play a role in an American nightmare,
leaving their loved ones behind in tears and despair

Is growing up in a society with so many wapens still a necessary standard?
Does it really contribute to safety and protection, as meant to be?
Or is this right degenerated into a constitutional anchored
example of democratic imperfection.....?

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