Auteur: crushed / 20 Januari 2013



you, the most beautiful part of you,
forged in solitude, abstract and heavenly.
moving with grace, inside the unforgiving windows of my soul.
with every touch i hold my breath,
only to exhale to keep from being conquered.

a slave of my own mind,
in which i create my prison of things to come.
a last glance to reconsile and mend the broken glass,
all the mirrors of my mind you have poisened.
corrupted and rebuild, breath in, breath out.

your finger points in my direction,
a shiver as cold as the dying sun.
losing touch, gaining pain.
with hope as my guide to keep from despare,
an endless cold summer with the wrath of spring.

is this you?...the one i hold deep within.
or are these just words.
empty, meaningless, hopeless.

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