Auteur: Veertje / 16 Oktober 2012

Crazy conclusions


Where the world seemed flat
My dreams were aching
Such a whole different world
That made my thoughts were shaking
I had no choice but to listen it through
Because I still had to know what I was supposed tot do

Terrible times when I doubted myself
Got my brains and nobody
And I don’t know what it tells
And it’s so overwhelming
And when you look at me I get some crazy conclusions

Just tell what you want
Please tell what you need
I got some things to offer
What will succeed?

My head keeps spinning
Round and round
There is no stability at all
Cause I keep making crazy conclusions
Am I going to fall?

Oh help, god knows there’s a way out
I’m just to smart for myself
But well I thought 6 is 6 and plus 6 makes 12
But hell no comparison,
Cause it would mean that you love me,
and then I’m going to make crazy conclusions you’ll see

but just tell me what you want
am I any good for you at all?
Just tell me how to live
Give me any time soon a note or a call
So I can see that the sun in the morning rises just because the birds fly
So I won’t make crazy conclusions, tears running all over my face when I start to cry

Just tell what you want
Please tell what you need from me
I got some things to offer
To what will it lead?

Because 9-1 is 8 and a long queue for waiting, is a long time to wait,
but I keep making crazy conclusions for Christ sake
I can bow and stretch but someday I can break

It’s hard and confusing
And I think I am losing my confidence and being fine,
cause I keep making crazy conclusions,
Crazy, really, but could you be mine?

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MeldenDeze reactie is niet passelijk Op 17-10-2012 schreef Tine de Jong :
nice words[mooi geschreven]dat verwacht ik nog eens even.vriendelijke groet.

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