Auteur: Boomvader Ruerd / 12 Augustus 2013



Little I did know of reality,
and neither was I asking questions about it.
I became a small small boy,
but o what a joy!

I found myself living in fairy land,
using my magic wand.
And suddenly the cracks in 'reality'
opened up.

I dared to dream and wonder,
of strange unknown things.
sending rays of amazement,
out into the world.

And you know what?
I wasn't the only one,
it seemed there was a whole bunch,
of Lennonists.

Those that heard the song,
and where willing to imagine,
what could be possible to.

Apart from that reality,
many call real life.
There are those finding the cracks,
opening up the whole thing.

To a series of wonders,
and no you wont see it
broadcasted, just yet.
But it's in the air,
changing the way things are,
as we speak.

Engelse gedicht door: Boomvader Ruerd

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