Auteur: Devillicious / 20 Januari 2013



Stagnated for a lifetime it seems I’ve given up
Circumstances without progress forcing me to accept
Held captive by a huge smoke screen I turned a blind eye
As I became passive, opportunity was lost to me

Waiting motionless, hoping for just a little change
Laughing contumelious cause I don’t believe
Restricted by expectation, paralyzed in life
I seek for a glimmer of hope, avoiding my doom

Awakening with a feeling of determination
Reflecting and rejecting all insecurity
I endeavor to embrace my motivation
Today I take a stand and pull my own strings

Shifting my mentality is what makes the difference
Making small steps towards what I want ‘it’ to be
Opportunity is there, right in front of me
Captured with enthusiasm I’m ready to explore

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