Souls desire


Born into this world,
we open our eyes.
And feel our heartbeat,
eager to get on our feet.

Eager as we are to love and meet,
our fellow companions.
The ones who dared to assume human form to,
prepared to take on the chosen task.

And so it begins,
our journey trough life.
Trying to remember,
what we came here to do.

It's when we move beyond fear,
that everything becomes clear.
Our souls desire,
makes us aware.

Yes we wear this human form,
which enables us to be present.
Here on earth,
from birth till death.

It's quite a bet,
and sometimes it can drive us mad.
But we may rest reassured,
life is not something to be endured.

But rather to be enriched,
with the fragrance of our heart.
Right from the start,
or later on.

And truthfully,
to remember.
We're in it together,
to make things better....

© Boomvader Ruerd /

Engelse gedicht door: Boomvader Ruerd

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