Auteur: crushed / 19 Januari 2013

The one that got away


i've seen that face before, i know that smell.
my eyes star to tear up, my hands start to temble.
feelings come through like never before, the emotions are dazzeling.
does she know who i am? what i'm all about.
can she deal with me, can i ask her to?
my mind races, my heart pounds.
she looks away, but her mind connects with mine.
we lock horns, we challenge eachother.

i can win this fight, or so she makes me believe.
the need to explore her mind over takes me.
she turns me down, but asks me to keep trying.
i want to break her, make her see things my way.
i tell her what she wants to hear, listening to her inner secrets.
slowly entering the void that she calls home.

i see her, i see the truth.
she wants me, only me.
i cautiously feed her lies, tell her anything.
i don't mind the mistakes i might make.
i know that she will forgive me, that she need me and won't turn me down.
my mind against her's, it's an uneven battle, or so i think.

what started out as an adventure, as an exploration into her mind.
might just end in my very own defeat, my demise and ultimate ending.
but was or is it worht it?

oh hell yeah! i wouldn't have wanted it any other way, i lost the very battle i chose, the battle i was ment to win.
now i'm the victim, the loser and the wandering loved one.
can i ever deal with this?
or should i just let her complete me?
i don't know, but i don't even want to find out, i'm her's.

so to whom it might concern:

my name is Bernard, and i know what it is to truly love someone, and how it feels how it feels to be loved.

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MeldenDeze reactie is niet passelijk Op 25-01-2013 schreef Frans Gewoon:
We leren van gisteren..en dat doen we allemaal.... Sterk gedicht... Met respect benoem ik dat

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