Auteur: Jelte / 9 September 2007

These dreams


These dreams are taking in my mind, memories I can’t rewind,
No object near where I can shelter behind, not knowing what I’ll find,
It all comes in a hurricane, without willing, sneaking through my head,

What I see in my mind makes me thrilling; don’t know how it’s fed,
Are it feelings, predictions or visions, that help me to make decisions,

Or is it just my fantasy, playing with what I feel, what of it is actually real,
Is the past coming back in another form, comes fast and dangerous like a storm,
Am I seeing things I’d better not know, is it all for show,
Why am I chosen to have these dreams, with parts of the past in gleams,

Should I listen to my heart, my mind or must I follow my dreams,
I might help other people with my gift, dreams with a very strong drift,
Don’t think I want to dream every night; I can’t bear too many frights,

These dreams take me through my sleepless time; it’s all too sublime,
No one I can talk to, no one that really understand, nowhere I could empty my mind,

Screaming of fear about chases, maltreating, raping and abductions,
It all comes along my mind, it’s like I’m in that world for real,
Where I see things that only I might feel and heal.

Jelte 2007

Engelse gedicht door: Jelte

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