Without you


maybe I'm not saying
that it is you I so miss
and quite frankly I do not know
if there is something that hurts more than this

I try to hide
that I am weak and not strong
and that without you I dont give a damn about my own life
because it does not matter anymore if I can hold on

I am completely empty
no more feelings to share
wish I were a bird
than I could fly away through the air

far away from everything around me
to a place where my past does not exist
no more sorrow and pain
start a new life with a blank list

but that is like my dreams
impossible to do
so I'll just have to learn
how I can live without you

Engelse gedicht door: ....Anony....

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Reacties op gedicht 'Without you'

MeldenDeze reactie is niet passelijk Op 13-03-2012 schreef anony:
thank you....

MeldenDeze reactie is niet passelijk Op 09-03-2012 schreef nonna:
it's seems hard, but you've got to try ...
to hold on!
Life is for the living...
know the feeling!
Nicely written.

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