Auteur: frits / 21 Februari 2012

Empty hands


No embrace, no farewell
No kiss
You just left me without

Your cheeks so pale, your body cold
No twinkling of your eyes I found
Is that really you, like I was told?.

Your hands folded together
Two sets of keys unemployed
Put away in this gruesome wooden box.

Talented artists they were with the silver and gold
Jewellery that women showed of
Yearning to wear and to hold

These restless hands made everything
and untied every ball of string
They were two of one kind and jacks of all trades

I remember the joyful battles we chose
We put on our gloves and they punched me
Gently and careful , but straight on my nose.

Above all , truly warm they were
filled with friendship so pure
I will miss these hands no doubt that’s for sure

Our hands were made to touch and to shake
To embrace, to punch to give and to take
I cherish these precious moments that we shared

Now empty hands, fill my pockets
They feel sad and sore, because
the joy of our friendship
they will share no more.

Goodbye my friend forever

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Reacties op gedicht 'Empty hands'

MeldenDeze reactie is niet passelijk Op 05-01-2013 schreef frits:
Hoi Tine, was mijn beste vriend

MeldenDeze reactie is niet passelijk Op 04-01-2013 schreef tin[net ff anders]:
mooi schrijven over lege handen.soms gaat een vriendschap voorbij en blijven we met lege handen achter,maar handen worden ook wer aangereikt.schrijf gauw weer een gedicht.

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