Auteur: crushed / 20 Januari 2013

My intention


My blood runs cold with anticipation,
Creating lifeless meaning to all my fantasies.
Counting stars in faraway dreams,
Collecting tears of uncut diamonds.
These days my pride is impervious to sin,
To be brought down with a simple touch.

With every nerve, from within my core.
I redefine the road I choose.
Like any poet that hungers for pain,
I need to feel , to burn and sin.
Let me be released,
Running without caution toward the end.

To all of my memories I cry out loud,
Mistakes rebuild on these hallowed grounds.
The gallows yearns for me,
But I still buy time with unrelenting fear.
Like the knife stuck in my back,
I seem to realize it’s mine to wear.

Open to suggestion, arms open to receive.
The painful conclusion of what is real.
The driving rain is here to collect,
My sins, my mistakes, my fallen pride.
So be it, the scene is set,
Proven by time and my own regret.

When I walk again through my own past,
Until then I can only reject, the hunger I have fed.
I smoke another cigarette, drink a few more beers,
Waiting and wanting it all to come to an end.
Begging, stealing and lying for acceptance,
I wreck myself to wash away the pain.

My hands grasp the rope of fate,
Only to plunge into the darkness of space.
Here I will come of age,
Learn to love and hate.
Heal my body, so strong and hazardous,
My mind, my downfall of savior.

So let me be, close your heart,
I will take it, tread on it, and laugh.
I will always win, this game of mine,
And when I’m in, count your blessings.
Fuelled by determination, ruled by fear,
Your heart so strong, I will devour.

Given rise to what I want,
Giving back to inner ghosts.
This creature forged in yester year,
In war he clinched his claws in me.
Living in the deep crevasses of my soul,
Still holding on to accept love.

This is where I roam,
Here is my heart still save.
From the one thing I truly desire,
The deafening silence to ease my mind.
So let me be, here in sin,
I’ll be watching you, so I can begin.

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