Auteur: crushed / 19 Januari 2013

Why am i always right


Why am i always right?
Why do people use others for their own personal gain
Forgetting just what makes the other tick
If not for emotional advantage than for sexual gratification

Why look down on someone, even when they want it that way!

Why can i see through all that and become the contious of so many!!!

Why Can't they see it, why Can't they realize that people use eachother for personal gain!!!

For their own good, not for the other to grow.
I have yet to meet the person that can challenge me, to put me to the test.
Sure, they come up with one-liners, try to make sense.

But i am and always, and will be one step ahead of you!! Even when you think that you can make a valid point.

Is that arrogance or just the abillity to see through the masks that you wear?

Am i wrong to challenge you that way? Or am i just aware that no one is truly ready for someone like me!!!!

You think that you are dominant, that it's the rules you live by.
That your voice is heard, look to the ones close to me , and honestly say that they are still the same.

That YOUR influence still matters....hell no! It's me that is changing the game.
Leaving you with your thoughts of what used to make sence.

But not anymore, MY loved ones dance to my beat,accept my truth.

And not because yours don't matter? But because i am stronger!

So next time you find yourself hangin' by a thread?

Blame yourself for not living up to MYstandards!!!

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