Auteur: angela / 10 Mei 2018



I've decided to take a step back.
Because of you, fine man,
i feel like a wreck.

The problem isn't you.
You're kind, sweet,
a person who wants to do good.

But everytime i'm alone,
thinking of you,
gets me out of mood.

I'm done being the one,
who hopes for more.

I swore...

I swore myself ;
Don't ever fall in love with a man if you're not sure.
Be proud of who you are,
know what you're worth
and never feel insecure.

But then you hit me
and slowly it grows.
In a few months time,
we became very close.

I thought i could do that;
''we'll see where it goes''.

I'm not going to lie.
I am a free spirit,
but i'm a woman too.
My soul reached the limit.
I try to pull through.

I wander where you are with your mind.
I don't want to fill in the blanks.7
Everyday is a day,
closer to goodbye.

Engelse gedicht door: angela

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