Auteur: angela / 1 September 2019

Free spirit with a limit


They say :''When something is too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true''.
So i'm asking myself where does it go wrong?
Am i worthy of something real, worthy of love?
I've been single for so long.

Not even sure how to know,
if the person you like te most, sees the same in you.
Is it just playing, be polite, maybe even a sexual object..
Or do you feel the connection too?

Freedom is all that matters,
but as a mom, freedom has a limit
Do what you want without obligation,
no hesitation.
Be your own free spirit.

When i think of you
and the connection we have..
Physically, supportive,
the way we talk, listen
and the way we laugh..

The thing that comes most to mind
is ''too good to be true''
So maybe one day i will find a free spirit with limit
I guess its not going to be you.

And thats a shame..

Just know you're a beautiful person
with a kind soul and a great sexuality
Never feel insecure,
never lose your crazy freedom
Forever a open mentality


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